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FTP installation

1) Open the Stardust.iso in an extraction tool (in this case WinRAR).

2) Extract to a suitable directory (E:\stardust).

3) Wait for extraction to complete.

4) Go to the directory (E:\stardust).

5) Open DISTRO.RAR with WinRAR.

6) Extract DISTRO.RAR to an appropriate path (E:\gentoox_upload).

7) Wait for extraction to complete.

8) Go to the directory (E:\gentoox_upload).

9) Set the contents of the second directory (E:\gentoox_upload) to upload to the ROOT of the Xbox's E: partition (/E/). NO SUBDIRECTORIES!

10) After uploading is complete, you should see the following (ignore the 'test' and 'tmp' directories).

11) After this, just link E:\gentooxx.xbe to your EvoX.ini with the following line:

Item "Gentoox","E:\gentooxx.xbe"

General Notes
Only FTP over the contents of DISTRO.RAR, nothing else. DO NOT include the contents of the CD, DO NOT upload the actual "DISTRO.RAR" file. Note that "sprkrd.gz" and "sparkle" files were added after this tutorial was written, simply copy these over with the other files.

All filenames (once uploaded) should be lowercase not UPPERCASE or MiXEdCaSE. If they arent, then you have done something wrong (You probably extracted DISTRO.RAR over the contents of the ISO file). You'll need to start again from the beginning if this is the case.

Direct F: Installation
Note that as of Gentoox Home v5.0 and Pro v3.0 you may upload to F: directly. To do this, follow the above procedure, however instead of uploading "rootfs" and "swap" to E:, upload them to F: (again, the files must be in the root directory of the partition). You must then open linuxboot.cfg and change "installtype=e-drive" to "installtype=f-drive". Save the file, then upload it to E:. You should now be able to launch E:\gentooxx.xbe and boot Gentoox with it installed on your F: partition!

Gentoox is distributed under the terms of this General Public License